Dragons Flame Genetics – Modified Charlies Stank (10 reg seeds)

Dragons Flame Genetics - Modified Charlies Stank

Genetics: Charlies Stank Ass (Maui Skunkdog x Orange dreams) x Modified Macberry Moonshine
Seeds in pack:10
Sex: Regular
Yield: High
Flowering Time: 9-11 weeks Early October
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both):  Outdoor

Notes:  This line is built for guys like me who love the most disgusting profiles. This one is named after our bull terrier Charlie, and his stank ass. Not one for fruit lovers, or for making your lady love the smell of cannabis. This is old school funk that can't be hidden by a Ziplock. Potent, heavy smoke that is debilitating and not for being productive. End of the day, relax, chill smoke.

Terp profile: BO, Garlic, Skunk, Raunch, Funky Gym bag



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