Dragons Flame Genetics – Haole Moonshine (10 reg seeds)

Dragons Flame Genetics - Haole Moonshine

Genetics: Blackberry Moonshine bx1 x Modified Macberry Moonshine
Seeds in pack:10
Sex: Regular
Flowering Time:
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both):

Notes:  The Haole Moonshine was the last project I did in Hawaii, and is a culmination of several years worth of selections and breeding. Both parents are DFG creations, and this combo....its out of this world. The profile of this line generally has Funky, boozey, Citrus rinds notes. There are also some dank cat piss / ammonia phenos, and some piney skunky phenos. Across the board, you can expect easy going, mold hardy, highly sticky and stanky flowers, that are very easy to grow. All of my testers raved on this line, and when I grew it out myself, I quickly found - trying to decide which females to eliminate - that's the real challenge.

This is a limited release, as with all my projects in Hawaii, I produced far less seeds due to excessive humidity degrading pollen rather quickly.

Terp profile: 



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