Dragons Flame Genetics – Charlie’s Stank Ass (Fem) w/ Orange Stash #5 Freebie (6 seeds)

Dragons Flame Genetics - Charlie's Stank Ass

Genetics: Maui Skunkdog x Orange Dreams Reversal
Seeds in pack: 6
Sex: Feminized
Yield: Meduim/High
Flowering Time: 7-9 weeks
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Outdoor

Notes:  Charlie's Stank Ass is one for the lovers of disgusting foul terps. She is offensive with no subtilty to the terp profile. This combo of the Hawaiian legend , Maui Skunkdog, to my epic selection of Orange Dreams... has it all. Easy growing, stellar terps, and highly resistant to nature, even in the upper, cold jungle slope of Hawaii.

Terp profile: Skunky BO, raunch, or orange juice



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