Doc-D Magic Spirit Seed Co. – Dragon Hammer (11 seeds)

Doc-D Magic Spirit Seed Co. - Dragon Hammer

Genetics: Dragonsoul (Bodhi's Cut) x Afkansastan/X18 Pakistani
Seeds in the pack: 11
Sex: Regular
Type: Sativa Hybrid
Flowering Time: 9-11 weeks
Yield: Medium
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Indoor or Outdoor

Notes: Dragon Hammer takes one of my favorite OG type plants, bodhi’s cut of Dragonsoul, which is known for her outrageous pine flavor and red sapped traits and combines her with my super stud Afkansastan/X18 Pakistani.  Dragonsoul has become a favorite of mine in hybrids because she always seems to produce stunning progeny for both flavor and effect. The Afkansastan/X18 Pakistani male helps lend his structure and weight to the vine-like growth of the Dragonsoul clone giving Dragon Hammer a beefier frame to hold the robust diamond shaped flowers. Expect easy to grow plants that bush-out with training. Smells range from axle grease and pine, to vanilla and citrus. Heavy duty full spectrum stone. 9-10 week Flowering time.


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