DJ Short Seeds – K45 F5 (12 reg seeds)

DJ Short Seeds - K45 F5

Genetics: F4 K-FK/K45 x F4 K-FK/K45
Type: Sativa/Indica Hybrid
Flowering Time: 60-67 days

Notes: “K45“ is a brand new offering from the Old World Genetic library. This line was a collaboration effort with Second Generation Genetics who did the selection work past F4 and is from a previously unreleased section of Dj Short’s Blue-Line catalog. The “K45” falls more towards the Sativa spectrum of Dj’s work with a later flowering time and more pointed Sativa spear-shaped flower tops. Aromas range from musky citrus to kush berry with notes of cedar and lilac. Sativa/Indica Hybrid Lineage: F4 K-FK/K45 x F4 K-FK/K45 Flowering Time: 60-67 days at 11on/13off light-cycle 12 Regular Photoperiod Seeds per pack!



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