Gage Green Group – Dance of the Earth (7 seeds)

Dance of the Earth - 7 Regular Seeds

Flowering Time: 63 days
Height: Medium Stretch
Type: Indica Hybrid
The Dance of the Earth begins with Spring. The blades of grass find their way through the frozen earth. Everything moving to the beat of the Sun. The dancers unite with the Earth. A scene from Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring is an example of the avant-garde style which broke all rules and tradition. Igor inspired even the Jazz musicians for his ability to transcend traditional boundaries of his genre. The Jazz musicians loved Igor for sticking to his guns and rejecting classical norms.
Synchronicity 2 (Irene x Grateful Breath)
The Synchronicity 2 grows the most extraordinary flower. Dense. Purple. Blue. Green. Pink. She is gorgeous. Her flavors are a mixture of roses and blueberries. She is effective in both flower and hash. We expect a beautiful variety of flower expressions from the offspring. The Synchronicity 2 produces purple and green flowers that are rock hard. Expect large but structured growth. Flower – 56-63 days, Medium Stretch, Indica Hybrid
High School Sweetheart (Cherry Pie Kush x Grateful Breath)
Santos, our High School Sweetheart stud selection, leads the way with world-class vigor and structure. Santos holds the thick, purple hued leaves of the Cherry Pie Kush (Cherry Pie x Chemdog), an original Mendocino creation by George; who has remained silent while others renamed his work. Santos retains the heavy diesel, stout structure, and potent life force energy of the Grateful Breath (OGKB x Joseph OG). Santos is a champion and will enhance any genetic he touches. Expect heavy-hitting potency, cherry lime gas flavors, and resinous rock-hard flowers.

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