Cryptic Labs – Chemoworx (12 seeds)

Cryptic Labs - Chemoworx (12 seeds)

Genetics: Dubbworx x UBC Chemo
Seeds in the pack: 12
Sex:  regular/regular photoperiod
Type: mostly indica hybrid
Flowering Time: 8 to 9 weeks
Yield: medium-sized
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both):  Both

Notes: chemoworx is a great cross if you're looking to chill out or manage pain and stress. These bushy plants will not only will impress you with a heavy coating of resin and purpling but they'll also put you to bed. It's not wise to use this line while driving or operating machinery. Expect heavy eye lids and lots of dreaming with this line. Flavors range from shunky chem from the Dubbworx to earthy kush from the UBC Chemo.


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