Cryptic Labs – SkunkDog 91 (12 seeds)

Cryptic Labs - SkunkDog 91 (12 seeds)

Genetics: Dubbworx x chem 91 bx3
Seeds in the pack: 12
Sex:  regular/regular photoperiod
Type: indica/sativa hybrid
Flowering Time: 8 to 9 weeks
Yield: medium-sized
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): does best indoors

Notes: Skunkdog 91 is a indica dominate hybrid that packs a punch in both effect and aroma. We used out tightly held Dubbworx female that is a cross of Skunkworx and Double dubb. Skunkworx is an old super skunk line we have been working over many years, long before the hype of today. We grew them just for the love and what they offer in effect and flavor. We thought it was time to share some of that magic to the public without taking anything away from the skunk so we hit her to the gassy chem 91 bx3. Together these lines make a powerhouse of effect, resin and flavor.


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