Cosmic Wisdom Seeds – Swervin (10 fem seeds)

Cosmic Wisdom Seeds - Swervin

Genetics: Sundae Driver x Pure Michigan 2
Seeds in the pack: 10 fem
Sex (Regular, Feminized, Auto Flower): fem
Terpene: Bread, Notes of Kush n Cookies
Medicinal Profile: Pain, appetite, stress, inflammation.
Breeder Notes: A Sunday driver is an old person who only drives on Sunday's and is not very good at it. That's why we named this cross Swervin. It has a dizzying potent high and we certainly recommend not to try your driving skills while under the influence of this. A very elegant looking plant with black foliage and white sparkling nuggets of a unique bread terpene profile. Some of the best gluten-free bread you will get.




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