Cosmic Wisdom Seeds – Phase (10 seeds) with freebie 3 seed pack of Spam Musubi

Cosmic Wisdom Seeds - Phase

Genetics: Platinum Punch Pineapple x Neville's Haze
Sex: Regular
Type: Sativa dominant
Seeds in pack: 10

Breeder Notes: Phase is one of our most special sativa cultivars. in fact we made this one just for our selves for breeding with but because so many people asked for the seeds we took some from our personal seeds and put together 5 packs to release to the public. very exclusive. What is so special about phase? if you ever smoked the original Neville's haze you know it has a psychedelic head high that most strains do not deliver in comparison. look up Neville Schoenmaker and what he has to say of Neville's haze. a true masterpiece. rest in peace. We have put our platinum punch pineapple together with the Neville's haze to make something one of a kind. that grows faster and keep the special haze flavor, unmistakable, and add a pineapple sweetness! the punch also put more frost and density so the old skool bizarre high on a bud that appeals to all consumers in this day n age. Phase produces a multitude of dense buds with much less leaf than the haze, make it an easy trim and reliable producer. count yourself in as one of only 6 people in the world to have phase, and your friends will be coming back to you ever more for the dank herb that none compares to. special thanks to Neville for his pioneer work in cannabis!


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