Cosmic Wisdom Seeds – Olskoo Haze (11 seeds) with freebie pack of Hawaiian Haze

Cosmic Wisdom Seeds - Olskoo Haze

Genetics: Pink Floyd (Afghan Skunk 1 x Haze AC) x Neville's Haze
Sex: Regular
Type: Sativa
Seeds in pack: 11
Flowering Time: 63+
Yield: High
Area (Indoor, Outdoor, Both): Both

Breeder Notes: Olskoo Haze is our tribute to days of old where pure haze rocked our worlds. we brought back those church incense terpenes to bring back memories and send you flying. a nearly pure sativa, our selections speed up the flower time a little bit. with large yields and strong sativa headspace you will have a great time. this is a tribute to Neville and his finest haze sativa cultivars. when you smoke this there is no going back.

*may induce anxiety* do not go to the hospital, it's only a panic attack. we promise.


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