Cosmic Wisdom Seeds – Banana Twerpz Regular (11 REG seeds)

Cosmic Wisdom Seeds - Banana Twerpz

Genetics: Banana Pepper (Banana Runtz x Neville's Haze) x Twerpz (Runtz s1 x Meatbreath)
Sex: Regular
Type: Indica
Flowering Time: 55-70 days
Yield: Medium-high
Area: (Indoor, outdoor, both): Both
Effects : stress, relaxation, socializing, pain relief, mood

Breeder Notes: Banana twerpz got a great banana terp! this flavor we can not believe it is so loud banana candies like artificial banana ice cream or some thing. with 1/4 nevilles haze in the genetic you get some excess energy when you smoke this hybrid and it have a lot of runtz for the heady smooth and indica body


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