Cosmic Wisdom Seeds – Banana Pepper S1 (100 fem seed Farmer Pack)

Cosmic Wisdom Seeds - Banana Pepper S1 100 seed Farmer Pack

Genetics: Banana Runtz x Nevilles Haze
Sex: Feminized
Type: Sativa
Seeds in pack: 100
Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks
Yield: Very large
Area: (Indoor, outdoor, both): Both
Effects: good for mood, pain, functionality, creativity, energy

Breeder Notes: The cured flowers have a smell of the spice of a green bell pepper with powerful notes of banana, candy, and hazy spices. the smoking it flavor is more banana and haze. Banana pepper’s high is very distinctive. The head becomes clear and focused, almost with a brain foggy heavy mystic feeling, but at the same time it is clarity too… you can do any thing when you smoke this, but you also incredibly stoned. A very high yielding plant with very big frosted buds you can not believe your eyes. Black leaves gifted from god at the commencement of bloom. Can triple or more when bloom cycle is initiated.



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