Copa Genetics – Project 25 (10 seeds)

Copa Genetics - Project 25

Genetics: Iranian OG x Hazeman's Fast Pink

Project 25 Strain Description:

Mom: Iranian OG from a worked line that Copa has had since the 90's. Lab tested at over 25% THC this girl will light you right up and get your attention. Easy growing, super early outdoors.

Dad: Hazeman's "Fast Pink" project stud. Selected from F1 stock acquired from Hazeman in 2018.

There are plenty of strains out there that try to accomplish what Project 25 does but very few actually deliver. Early to mid September finish outdoors with flavor and a super stony (Iranian OG leaners) and lasting ride. The High calyx to leaf ratio make trimming these a breeze. Open sativa style structure on most phenos and a resistance to mites and PM are also attributes of this strain. You will see lots of resin, potential pink stamen, and variegation. If you want to beat the outdoor season "drought" rush... this is your ticket.

What started out as guerilla growing in the swamps of New England has transformed into a passion and lifelong quest for the “perfect plant”. Never hydro, always dirt! Copa Genetics grows as organically as possible using time-tested methods in all aspects of cannabis breeding and production. With a genetic library that is filled with old and new, near and far, we also plan to undertake preservation projects along the way and release them into the community for all to enjoy.

Copa Genetics is spreading the love one pack at a time. Please enjoy our creations and feel free to use our cultivars however your heart desires!




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