Copa Genetics – Fast Purple (10 reg. seeds)

Copa Genetics - Fast Purple

Genetics: Purple Skittles (SMMJ cut aka Icy Grape mom) x Fast Pink (F1 Hybrid)
Seeds in pack: 10
Sex: Photo Regular
Type: Hybrid
Flowering Time: 7-8 minimal stretch
Yield: Outdoors Medium to Heavy
Area: Indoors unless in a dry climate

Notes: Fast Purple is a super squat and tight strain that is perfect for indoor growers with limited space. Outdoors it performs great but may not do well in super humid situations. Grapefruit terps on most phenos and a nice uplifting high that is a bit distracting sometimes but definitely not couchlock. The Fast Pink side of things was a project that was inherited from Hazeman. Hazeman spent several years developing a cultivar for the PNW and Vancouver BC climate and Fast Pink was the result. A Fast Pink male was also used in the Project 25 F1 work.


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