Strawberry Hill Seed Co – Chunk D Hashplant (12 seeds)

Chunk D Hashplant

Breeder: Strawberry Hill Crew
Genetics: Dr Atomic NL5 x Tom Hill Deep Chunk (F3)
Seeds in Pack: 12
Flowering Time: 56 days average
Size: Compact structure, very robust
Sex: Regular
Photoperiod: Regular
Notes: The Chunk D Hashplant is a Deep Chunk dominant hybrid of Dr Atomic NL5 X Tom Hill Deep Chunk worked from beans I won in auction from the Verdant Green collection. She is a true hashplant and will produce stocky dark green plants with shiny waxy leaves and a compact but branchy structure. She will colour up thru the reds, yellows, violets and purples to a beautiful, rock hard flowered, trichome covered finish that will make any seasoned grower grin.

Chunk D is technically an F3 now , with selections favoring the Deep Chunk traits. She will love the outdoors but does equally well indoors and flowering times on average 56 days with some faster, some a few days longer. For that reason I'm confident to say 8 to 9 weeks to finish.If you are craving some old school, this is a very clean hybrid that will bring you back a few years , I guarantee it.

*** a note to hobby breeders: Three Females and 2 males were used to create this batch of seeds. This stock will make for some outstanding material for your collection do not miss out.

The following photos are taken at 52north in western canada at approx 3000Ft elevation.  These plants were flowered by light dep with no secondary lighting, just sunshine in both the 2017 and 2018 seasons. For more info on Chunk D Hashplant , check out our Breeder Forum here :


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