Cherry Glue

Cherry Glue Head

Our Pheno of Headband has been in a friend of ours garden for five plus years. It originally came from “The old man” in San Francisco California. Our buddies friend the “old man” I guess died a few years back from ALS. Yet, before he did he was supposedly able to get itentered in a few cannabis cups and it had supposedly won a few awards. This cut still remains in my buddy’s garden and we at #Andromeda_Genetics were allowed to pollenate a single cut. We weren’t even able to keep one to flower it for our own medicine. We only have access to one cut at a time and are strictly only allowed to breed with it.
Cherry Sauce: Is a combination that @Large_bud of #Andromeda_Genetics created from his spectacular “from seed” keeper pheno of cherry pie. Crossed with our specially chosen pheno of Exotic Genetix “The Sauce.” Male. He was chosen because of his short, fast growing time,pungent smell and resin producing leaves, (The Sauce = Gorilla Glue4 X Green Ribbon BX ) through our patient network at #Andromeda_Genetics, we then personally grew and had many patients grow from seed our Cherrysauce creations. We found two specialfemale gems and a number of male studs. After many trial runs in flowering we finally chose our Keeper male. He has an awesome Gorilla Glue4 structure, yet not quite as tall, a Cherry Pie smell, Purple Calyx’s and heavy pollen production.
After long thought and a desire to be somewhat of a unique genetics company we decided we would release our F1’s to the public. Wethought it would be a great way for our followers to do some pheno hunting themselves and alongside us. A great way to find some superspecial gems. Maybe you might find something we haven’t even seen yet! We absolutely see no way that anything unworthy could comefrom these two spectacular parents.


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