Jaws Genetics – Chem soda OG F1 #1

Chem soda OG F1 #1

Chem Soda F1 X Fruity Pebbles OG F1

These are the words from a tester!!!

Hey bro,were almost done with the Chem soda t. These babies are just insane man. Every color of the rainbow. Some pheno's are cookie leaning but Turning purple and pink. Others must be Chem soda leaning and are turning into straight up gorilla arms. We're at about 8+ weeks on the main tent of them. I'll probably go til day 70 though as I hate unfinished meds. The smells are unreal. Raspberry ice cream, cookies, fuel, strawberries, deep chemical funk, rotten fruit etc. I'm loving this test. Pics to come soon and then a full dried pic/ smoke report. I can't wait! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to test for you. Talk soon. Peace!

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