Bodhi Seeds- Medical Mountain Sativa Research Center – Dutch Flower Metal Haze F3 preservation reproduction (11 reg seeds)

Bodhi Seeds- Medical Mountain Sativa Research Center - Dutch Flower Metal Haze F3 preservation reproduction (11 reg seeds)

Dutch flowers description:
Experienced smokers know nothing comes close to the potency of a true haze.
Growers also know this, but long flowering periods, unruly phenotypes, and the infamous 1-in-5-crapshoot chance of finding a special female have held many back. Breeding an indoor-friendly haze strain that consistently delivers
Superior potency has been the very focus of df breeding efforts since its inception. To that end, the team has collected and grown enough clones and crosses to setup a small haze museum. Synthesizing our best haze genetics into one line posed a considerable challenge. In early trials, proven clones passed down their potency genes on to the next generations using an unacceptable,
Unpredictable domino pattern. To develop a superior seed line, males were tested the hard way, growing out their offspring to recognize the best possible pollen source. Winning donors pollinated our choicest females, and their offspring was then heavily selected at the second generation.
Recombinant individuals displaying the desired potency, phenotype, flowering and yield traits were identified and inbred into separate lines. Three years after the project begun, the resulting lines were finally blended, giving rise to our metal haze, a hybrid that received high praise from skeptic
Industry testers. Named after the metal-lit room that keeps our haze clone collection alive, metal haze
Displays the brain-warping quality that fueled the legend. It is a modern, trippy cerebral sativa, with classic psychoactive soar and scant body cues. Connoisseurs report a deadly, creeper with no ceiling, combination of effects. The phenotype is fully suitable for indoor growing, with a branching habit resulting in an abundance of dense, dily, attractive buds. Aromas range from animal sour spice to sweet piney mint, often accompanied by rotten meat undertones.
Overindulging the metal haze is not recommended for the sativa sensitive or the inexperienced. It is a deceptively smooth smoke that starts out uplifting and super-active -ideal for musicians and creative types- and climbs ever higher in a succession of intense waves, taking perception to uncharted lands. We trust the virtues bred into metal haze to earn its place in discriminating gardens, and. Satisfy demanding sativa aficionados.