Antenna Seeds – Blue Lazerlite 2 (12-15 Seeds)

Blue Lazerlite 2 - 12-15 Seeds

Genetics: (BlueLazerlite1 X Red Lazerlite2)
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks finish

BlueLazerlite2 is a cross of BlueLazerlite1 (ShiskaberryX3dg13) and Red Lazerlite2 (Grapelazerlite2XRed MatrimonyKaliMist). This is the most "blueberry" tasting plant I have ever made. FYI cannot guarantee yours will taste like blueberry because I cannot control what you feed them. If you want to taste the blueberry muffin candy you have to feed these light organics. Like all Antenna seeds BlueLazerlite2 is off da charts potent.

Includes free 10 pack of Purple Headgames (Headgames2 X CR3D)


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