Twenty20 – Trainwreck Arcata Cut (6 seeds)

Twenty20 Mendocino - Arcata Trainwreck

Arcata Trainwreck is deservedly one of the most celebrated and renowned strains from the Emerald Triangle. The unknown origins of this mythical strain are shrouded in tales of fantasy which add to the mystique of this exotic strain. She emanates a truly unique fragrance of pine needles, cat piss, lemon grass and black pepper. The effects are potent yet inspirational and cerebral. This is a true heavy hitter in the garden and famously does great in a variety of climates.

From the Breeder:
Here at Twenty20 we cut our teeth growing Trainwreck. This strain has been a part of our breeding program for over two decades. We spent years developing T-Dub and when we finally got our hands on some original cuts of Arcata Trainwreck we knew we had to bring her back to her roots. She is an excellent breeder and excels when paired with a strong heirloom Indica. Trainwreck has extremely strong traits that tend to dominate the gene pool.

From the Head Grower:
Trainwreck is every cultivator's dream flower. This strain was famously grown outdoors in the Emerald Triangle for decades. When indoor cultivation became common in the 90’s she was moved inside and proved to do just as well. Trainwreck is renowned for it’s mold and powdery mildew resistance. Her yield is staggering. She adapts well and can be grown by practically anybody anywhere. This is not a stacking variety. Expect hundreds and hundreds of nice tight almost pre-manicured buds. She usually requires some type of trellising so be prepared to give her the support she needs. Harvest date can be as early as late Sept but is typically harvested the first week of Oct.


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